Connect With Me - My Personal Landing Page

This is my personal landing page with all the places I practice, and I am active on the internet. You can connect with me via social media and other modalities.

I used to work mainly under three names:

Photornia (old name, I had a photography blog I sold)
LovelyScape - Actual blog name
Gabriel Mihalcea - My real name

Instagram (LovelyScape) - My personal Instagram account
Twitter (GabrielMHLA) - New to Twitter, but active
YouTube (Gabriel Mihalcea) - Slightly inactive but soon to be active
Unsplash (Gabriel Mihalcea) - MY PORTFOLIO LOCATION
PeakD (LovelyScape) - Decentralized network I am active on.
TikTok (LovelyScape) - My TikTok I share some short videos
Medium (Gabriel Mihalcea) - This is my main blog profile

I used to be active on more platforms, but I am reducing the number of platforms I am publishing because of my limited time, but in general, you can find me on the ones mentioned above.

  • My photographs and most of my content are always shared for free with you and everyone in need of some images to use on personal projects or commercially. I don't make a dime out of them; however, if you feel that my work deserves a small tip to keep me going, feel free to add something in the Tips Jar.

Thank you for checking out my personal landing page, and welcome to my website!